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    Professional LED Light Therapy Mask

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    Red light: bleaching pale spot, soft skin and anti-wrinkles, repairs damaged skin, smoothes fine wrinkles, shrinks pores, collagen hyperplasia.
    Blue light: minimize and effectively heal acne, repair skin leaving scars
    Violet light: It is a double red and blue light strip, a combination of two types of phototherapy effect, especially in the healing and repair of acne scar.
    Laser light (white light): resolution of age spots, improvement of fine lines and sagging of the skin.
    Green light: neutralazation, balances the condition of the skin, relieves mental stress and lymphoid drag and effective edema.
    Yellow light: Improve skin and coarse wrinkles, redness, fever, ringworm, increase immunity.
    Green blue light: improve cellular energy gradually, promote metabolism.