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    LaserLuxeComb™: Healthy Hair Regrowth Comb

    I use this brush every night before bed. I like the massage feature to help keep my scalp healthy. I really like the blue and red light. I have some hair loss and red light is suppose to help with stimulation for new hair growth."

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - Suzette J
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    Thinning hair can be a silent struggle, silently chipping away at self esteem and confidence over time. Continuous hair fall, patchy hair growth, and an unhealthy scalp can often leave a lingering feeling of disappointment. The once radiant dreams of showcasing a thick, vibrant head of hair grow dim, overshadowed by the heartache of hair loss.

    Introducing LaserLuxeComb™, a cutting edge blend of light therapy and vibration that targets the root of hair woes. This comb rejuvenates the scalp, nourishing each hair follicle with pinpointed care, ensuring growth and vitality. Embrace a transformation where hair isn't just a crown but a testament to regained confidence and vibrant health.

    REASONS WHY EndsAway™


    THERAPEUTIC LASER ENERGY: LaserLuxeComb™ employs nourishing laser light directly to the follicles, reversing thinning while enhancing hair growth and density. This process gives life to a fuller, revitalized set of strands, each enriched from root to tip.

    EXPEDITED TREATMENTS: Achieving a vigorous 6000 vibrations per minute, just 15 minutes every other day with LaserLuxeComb™ over 6 months unveils denser, healthier hair. Its consistent use alleviates concerns like hair loss, hair gaps, and even sharpens focus.

    RED & BLUE LIGHT THERAPY: LaserLuxeComb™'s red light improves blood circulation and stimulating collagen growth for rejuvenated hair. Meanwhile, its blue light calms the scalp and controls oil, together ensuring an optimal hair health environment.

    USER-FRIENDLY & MOBILE: Simplicity is embedded in its design with a one-button operation leading to multiple modes and a comfortable hand shank. Portable and lightweight, LaserLuxeComb™ becomes an easy companion, ready for action anywhere, anytime.

    THOUGHTFUL GIFTING:Packed in a delicate box with all essentials, LaserLuxeComb™ stands out as a thoughtful gesture for loved ones. Celebrate occasions with a gift that promises a journey to luscious locks and scalp vitality.


    1. Unbox and ensure all components of the LaserLuxeComb™ are present.

    2. For the initial setup, connect LaserLuxeComb™ to a power source using the provided USB cable and allow it to charge fully.

    3. Power on LaserLuxeComb™ and select the desired mode: vibration massage, vibration + red light, or vibration + blue light, to suit the treatment preference.

    4. To achieve the best results, use the LaserLuxeComb™ to massage the neck and back areas consistently, moving from the scalp to the ears and then from the scalp down to the neck.

    We understand the sinking feeling that comes with watching strands of hair tumble down with each comb through. It can be disheartening, each strand lost is felt in the brush and deep inside, causing uneasiness and desire for the lush locks of yesteryear.  In fact, nearly 35% of individuals face visible hair loss by the age of 40, a reality that significantly impacts their confidence.

    With the LaserLuxeComb™, those days of distress are now a memory of the past. This meticulously designed tool doesn’t merely offer a temporary fix but dives deeper, revitalizing weakened follicles and fostering a thriving scalp environment. Imagine, stepping out with renewed vigor, showcasing a lush mane that echoes health, strength, and vitality.

    Product Specifications

    Length: 7.09 in
    Width: 0.39 in
    Height: Not Specified

    Package Contents

    (1) x Laser Hair Growth Comb
    (1) x USB Cable
    (1) x User Manual
    (1) x Storage Box

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