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    LullEars™: Infant Noise-Canceling Headphones

    I put them on my 2 month old during my wedding reception and she slept through the whole thing. The DJ was loud enough to have the 30 somethings complaining about the volume if that gives you any indication of how great they worked."

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    In a world filled with the relentless buzz of noise, delicate infant ears are continuously at risk. Pervasive sounds not only disrupt their peaceful slumber but also pose threats of potential lifelong auditory challenges. This constant exposure can lead to unease, concern, and a quest for a protective solution.

    Introducing LullEars™, the premier noise-canceling headphones for babies' sensitive hearing. Expertly designed with advanced noise reduction, these headphones shield a baby's ears from harmful sounds. With LullEars™, infants experience a serene world free from the stress of harmful noises, ensuring their early years are filled with the sounds of joy.

    REASONS WHY LullEars™

    ✅ NOISE REDUCTION: LullEars™ features porous polyvinyl acetate fiber and sound-absorbing cotton combined with a new damping washer. This results in an impressive noise reduction of up to 25 dB SNR, ensuring a tranquil environment for baby's sensitive hearing.

    ✅ ULTIMATE COMFORT: The soft and large pads of LullEars™ merge with a unique ergonomic structure, covering an infant's ears perfectly. This design promises comfort throughout the day, ensuring a gentle touch for those delicate ears.

    ABS-made cup shells in LullEars™ offer higher acoustic attenuation with remarkable durability. The robust design ensures longevity, allowing for prolonged protection against potential auditory harm.

    ✅ STABLE AND ADJUSTABLE: LullEars™ boasts an improved fastening tape and adjustable headband, adaptable to fit various head sizes. Exclusive non-slip silicone strips keep the headphones firmly in place, ensuring consistent protection regardless of movement.

    LullEars™ is not just for home use; its design is perfect for concerts, sporting events, fireworks, and flights. The inclusion of a soft cloth storage bag makes it a convenient companion, safeguarding tiny ears no matter the setting.




    1. Preparation: Gently cleanse your baby's ears and surrounding area. Ensure they're dry and free from lotions or oils. Activate LullEars™ by adjusting the headband to a relaxed state, preparing for easy placement.

    2. Positioning: Place LullEars™ over the baby's ears, ensuring a snug but comfortable fit. The ergonomic design should naturally contour around the infant's ears, providing a gentle embrace.

    3. Adjustment: Verify that the LullEars™ sit firmly in place without any discomfort. The non-slip silicone strips should prevent movement, while the adjustable headband can be tweaked for a perfect fit.

    4. Enjoy the Calm: With LullEars™ on, let the baby experience a peaceful environment free from harmful noise. Whether at home or traveling, each moment becomes a serene experience, nurturing their delicate hearing and promoting well-being.

    We understand the secret dread that the cacophony of daily life may be too much for those little, delicate ears. It can be especially concerning during a baby's first family gathering when music, laughter, and fireworks ring out. Recent research suggests that infants' hearing may be damaged by noises above 85 dB, such as heavy traffic.

    With LullEars™, it becomes a breeze to safeguard that precious hearing without hindrance. It's designed to offer the utmost tranquility, reducing ambient noise to soothing levels. Dive into life's vibrant moments, knowing every experience is perfectly tuned for little ears, bringing peace and joy with every sound.


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