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    LuminaRelief™: Total Body Shiatsu Massager

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    “This product is a beast! If you are looking for a deep muscle massage, this is for you. Several settings and modes. Works on all body types. Cord is long enough for this product to be used anywhere."

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    In a world where every day is filled with tasks and hustle, the importance of muscle relaxation and stress relief cannot be overlooked.  However, the continuous weight of daily strains doesn't merely result in physical fatigue; it also imposes a mental toll. This load frequently creates a heavy emotional cloud, bringing on feelings of exhaustion and a sense of being overwhelmed.

    Introducing LuminaRelief™, the personal Shiatsu massager for total body wellness. Besides relaxing muscles, Its 20 precision massage balls, combined with infrared heating, mimic a therapist's touch, expertly alleviating stress and contouring to the body's shape. Dive into a world where stress melts away, replaced by an invigorating lightness and newfound vitality. 

    REASONS WHY LuminaRelief™


    ADVANCED 20-BALL MASSAGE: LuminaRelief™ incorporates 20 massage balls, simulating the artful, therapeutic touch of a professional masseuse. This authentic replication ensures the melting away of tension, welcoming a renewed sense of energy and vitality.

    FAR INFRARED HEATING: The inclusion of far infrared heating not only soothes but also boosts blood circulation. LuminaRelief™ effortlessly enhances well-being, dissolving away those nagging cervical aches and discomforts.

    HAND-CONTROL: With LuminaRelief™, relief is literally at the fingertips, thanks to its responsive hand control. The airbag push-up further tailors the experience, adjusting to the unique cervical spine curve, promising a deeply personalized massage session.

    CURVED 3-STAGE SUPPORT: LuminaRelief™ is designed with a meticulous curve support for the waist, coupled with a three-stage partition. This translates to a massage that aligns perfectly with the body's natural contours, offering unparalleled comfort and relaxation.

    MULTI-MODE FUNCTION: Beyond just its physical features, LuminaRelief™ offers varied intensity modes ranging from gentle to strong. Regardless of the preferred massage intensity, this innovative device ensures an all-round intimate massage, adapting to the unique needs and preferences.


    1. Start & Select: LuminaRelief™ makes it simple: just press the power button and choose your massage setting for neck, back, waist, and more.

    2. Intensity & Heat: With LuminaRelief™, easily adjust with '+' and '-'. Engage the infrared heat for deep relaxation.

    3. Set & Vibrate: LuminaRelief™ offers a timer setting of 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Switch on the vibration for an enhanced massage experience.

    4. Control & Charge: Benefit from on-the-go adjustments with hand controls. Integrate with the wormwood hot compress for targeted relief. And when it's time, recharge LuminaRelief™ with the provided adapters.

    We understand the aches and stresses of everyday life that weigh heavy on the shoulders and neck. It can be draining, coming home from a long day with muscles knotted from tension, yearning for relief. In fact, a recent study indicated that over 60% of working adults experience regular neck and shoulder discomfort due to stress and posture.

    With LuminaRelief™ the Shiatsu Massager for Total Body Wellness, the quest for the ultimate relaxation tool ends. Engineered for understanding the significance of comprehensive wellness, it alleviates muscle knots and enhances blood circulation and holistic healing. Embrace an oasis that nurtures your entire being, ending each day with renewed energy and tranquility.

    Product Specifications:

    Color: Deep Gray
    Battery Capacity: 2200mA
    Charging Port: Standard Adapter Plug
    Input: AC 100-240V
    Dimensions: 28 x 16 x 14cm (11 x 6.3 x 5.5in)
    Weight: 1.5kg (52.9oz)

    Package Contents:

    1 x LuminaRelief™
    1 x Home Power Adapter
    1 x User Manual


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