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    PurAClean™: Portable Food Purifier for Wholesome Cooking

    I ordered because if it helps clean my fruits and vegetables while I meal prep for the week- I'm all for trying it. Super easy to set up and charge and when it works it's magic- you just come back to it in ten minutes. I definitely noticed the cleaner flavor of my fruit and vegetables after using it a few times."

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -  Shawn Creese
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    Scrubbing fruits and vegetables with just tap water leaves behind stubborn residue and harmful chemicals. Despite diligent and careful washing, invisible harmful substances can stubbornly endure, silently evolving into a stealthy menace to well-being. The lingering uncertainty subtly shadows mealtimes, supplanting the simple joy of eating with muted concerns about the actual cleanliness of the food.

    Introducing PurAClean™, an innovative, portable food purifier specifically designed to conquer cleanliness challenges for food items. Leveraging Hydroxy Water Ion Purification Technology, this mechanism surpasses standard cleaning, ensuring thorough purification for various foods and kitchen items. With PurAClean™, every meal becomes a revitalizing experience, imparting assurance that the food on the plate radiates wholesomeness and health.


    REASONS WHY PurAClean™

    THOROUGH PURIFICATION: Employing water to remove pesticide residues and decompose hormones, PurAClean™ safeguards the taste and nutrition of food. It offers a superior level of cleanliness, delivering cleaner, healthier meals every time.

    EFFICIENT CLEANING CYCLE: PurAClean™ features a speedy, efficient 10-minute cleaning cycle. Healthier meals are now just a touch away, introducing a more convenient method to ensure the freshness and purity of food.

    WATERPROOF AND SECURE: Prioritizing user safety, PurAClean™ boasts waterproof functionality, expertly preventing water leakage. This dedicated purifier diligently purifies fruits, vegetables, and more, with an emphasis on safety.

    MULTI-PURPOSE CLEANING: PurAClean™ showcases its versatility, capable of cleaning a wide array of items - from fruits and vegetables to kitchen utensils and bottles. It’s a comprehensive solution for numerous cleaning needs, enhancing overall household cleanliness and health.

    COMPACT AND USER-FRIENDLY: Sporting a compact, portable design, PurAClean™ is not just perfect for home use, but also ideal for outdoor adventures and business trips. It offers the guarantee of clean foodanywhere, anytime, with an effortless user interface.


    1. Charge and Prepare: Fully charge the device using the provided USB cable. Fill a basin with 3-5 liters of water, ensuring it's appropriate for the volume of produce.

    2. Activate and Clean: Submerge the washing machine in water without touching the basin's base. Press the switch to initiate the cleaning process and add your fruits or vegetables.

    3. Rinse and Dry: After the 10-minute cycle, remove and rinse your produce under fresh water. Wipe the device with a dry cloth.

    4. Store Safely: Ensure the machine is dry and store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

    We understand the unsettling concern that looms over each meal, a silent query about the true cleanliness of consumed fruits and vegetables. It can be frustrating, tirelessly scrubbing your dinner ingredients, yet constantly plagued by the worry of unseen contaminants. Recent surveys indicate that over 70% of fruits and vegetables have pesticide residues even after washing with water, posing potential health risks.

    Introducing PurAClean™, a firm assurance of thoroughly cleaned produce! This advanced device doesn't just wash, it purifies, transforming the food preparation experience and significantly extending the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Discover the joy of carefree dining and experience a profound sense of well-being with every bite, all made possible by the superior cleansing capabilities of PurAClean™.



    Product Specifications

    Length: 13.2 in
    Width: 13 in
    Height: 7 in

    Package Contents

    (1) x FeedEase™
    (1) x Instructions Manual
    (1) x USB Cable
    (1) x Desiccant box

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