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    PurePrestige™: Effortless Whole-Fruit Juicing Experience

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    “I tried a few other juicers before I got this one and this one will be the only one I use from now on. It is worth it because you get the most juice and have less waste. I am so happy with this purchase because it makes great juice quick, it is not hard to clean and store- it breaks down into a few pieces for storage. Overall, it works great, easy to clean, affordable and makes delicious juice!"

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    Diving into the world of juicing is an exciting journey, but the challenge often lies in the preparation process. Chopping up fruits and vegetables not only consumes time but also reduces the freshness of the ingredients. This whole process can be discouraging, making one reluctant to maintain a healthy juicing routine.

    Introducing PurePrestige™, the masticating juicer designed to simplify the juicing experience. Its 78mm wide chute feed welcomes whole fruits and vegetables, eliminates the time-consuming prep work. Enjoy fresher, quicker, and more efficient juicing sessions, amplifying the joy of a health-conscious lifestyle.


    REASONS WHY PurePrestige™

    ✅ WIDE CHUTE FEED: PurePrestige™ boasts a 78mm wide chute feed, welcoming whole fruits and vegetables. Dive into a seamless juicing journey, eliminating the hassle of lengthy preparation.

    ✅ EFFICIENT JUICING: With its powerful 200W motor, PurePrestige™ optimizes the extraction process. Harness the full potential of every ingredient, ensuring less waste and more nutrition in every glass.

    PurePrestige™'s DC motor ensures a serene juicing experience. Revel in the calm ambiance of the kitchen, even during the juicing process, cherishing moments of tranquility.

    ✅ PREMIUM MATERIAL: Constructed with Tritan material, PurePrestige™ promises durability and elegance. Reap the benefits of a juicer that's not only robust but also effortlessly stylish, complementing modern kitchen aesthetics.

    Fewer components mean Pure Prestige is a breeze to clean and maintain. Bask in the convenience of a juicer that respects both your time and passion for health.



    1. Preparation:Start by placing the juicer on a stable surface. Ensure Pure Prestige™ is plugged in, then press the power button and select the desired mode for juicing.

    2. Feed Preparation:Utilize the 78mm wide chute to insert whole fruits or vegetables. Remember, with Pure Prestige™, minimal cutting is required, simplifying the prep process.

    3. Juicing Process:Engage the start button on Pure Prestige™. During juicing, if needed, adjust settings to suit the nature of the ingredients and to get the perfect juice texture.

    4. Post-Juice Care:Once juicing is complete, turn off Pure Prestige™ and disassemble the parts. Cleaning is effortless with its straightforward design. After cleaning, cherish the nutritional and flavorful boost that Pure Prestige™ provides to elevate daily health routines.

    We understand the frustration of waiting for a fresh glass of juice, only to get a little amount after much effort. It can be even more tedious when fruits and vegetables need to be cut into tiny pieces just for a sip of juice. In a recent survey, 85% of juice enthusiasts expressed a desire for a more efficient juicing solution to maximize output and minimize prep time.

    PurePrestige™ is that breath of fresh air in the world of juicing, providing efficiency like never before. Its 78mm wide chute ensures that whole fruits can be juiced without a hassle, ensuring that every drop counts. Dive into the world of refreshing, nutrient-rich beverages, redefining the juicing experience, and embracing a healthier, vibrant lifestyle.

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