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    FeedEase™: Smart Wi-Fi Pet Feeder for Nourishment

    “I've had a few of these before and love them. So I'm super excited for this one. So far it's been super easy to use and I love that it connects to my phone. Makes it so much easier than trying to schedule it from the device itself. My cats like it and it'll be really good for 2-3 day weekends when I have to leave my cats by themselves."

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -  Cameron Ghalayini
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    Embracing an active lifestyle can often amplify the struggle of upholding a regular feeding regimen for cherished pets. The escalating fear of forgetting to nourish them during unplanned trips or prolonged work hours can spiral into overwhelming distress. These feeding disruptions ignite deep frustration and helplessnesswatching beloved pets develop unhealthy patterns and a worrying health decline.

    Introducing FeedEase™, the advanced Wi-Fi pet feeder with an impressive 4L capacity and timed quantification technology. This smart feeder organizes portion-controlled meals, prevents overfeeding, and ensures no missed meals, even on long workdays or unexpected plans. FeedEase™, with its non-stick grain system and stainless steel bowl, ensures pets are always well-nourished, promoting optimal health and happiness.

    REASONS WHY FeedEase™


    SMART APP CONTROL: The built-in app control feature of FeedEase™ facilitates automated feeding schedules. This ensures pets receive precisely portioned meals, eliminating chances of overfeeding and contributing to their overall well-being.

    TIMED QUANTIFICATION: The Timed Quantification feature of FeedEase™ regulates portion sizes. By maintaining regular meal sizes, it promotes healthy eating habits and supports optimal pet health.

    AMPLE CAPACITY: FeedEase™ offers a considerable 4L capacity, sufficient to sustain the pet's needs for an extended period. Such ample storage space safeguards against frequent refilling, ensuring meals are always timely and never missed.

    DUAL POWER SUPPLY: With its innovative Dual Power Supply system, FeedEase™ assures consistent meal delivery even during power outages. This reliable feeding solution keeps pets nourished and comfortable, eliminating any potential mealtime anxieties.

    ✅  EASY MAINTENANCE: FeedEase™ is ingeniously designed for easy disassembly and cleaning. This hygiene feature ensures every meal is served in a clean bowl, enhancing pet diet health and keeping mealtime enjoyable for pets.


    1. Open the FeedEase™, fill it with dry pet food and install the desiccant in its designated box.

    2. Position the FeedEase™ bowl as per the instructions and connect it to a power supply using the provided USB cable.

    3. Download the "ROJECO" app, add FeedEase™ using "+Add Device", and set a feeding plan for automatic feeding.

    4. For immediate feeding needs, use the manual feeding button on FeedEase™. To reset the Wi-Fi connection, hold this button for 5 seconds.

    We understand how distressing it can be when you're away from home, unsure if your pet is getting fed on time. It can be heart-wrenching to envision your beloved pet patiently waiting by an empty food bowl. As per a survey by the American Pet Products Association, more than 85% of pet owners express anxiety about their pets' feeding schedules when they are not around.

    With FeedEase™, bid farewell to these feeding anxieties and welcome the peace of mind that is rightly deserved! This intelligent device makes sure pets receive their meals promptly, regardless of whereabouts. Relish the strengthened bond with as FeedEase™ ensures their continuous nourishment, enhancing your connection with just a tap on a smartphone.


    Product Specifications

    Length: 13.2 in
    Width: 13 in
    Height: 7 in

    Package Contents

    (1) x FeedEase™
    (1) x Instructions Manual
    (1) x USB Cable
    (1) x Desiccant box

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