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    FlexiStim™: Electric EMS Acupuncture for Body Therapy

    My mother in law ordered one of these and I was pleasantly surprised by how good it felt, how long the battery lasted, and how strong it was for how small it is! I find that the 4/10 setting was about where I needed it to feel the worked and relaxed, but not too intense. So many different setting options too, definitely recommend. My whole family bought sets for thenselves."

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    Chronic pain affects not only the body but the mind too, creating a profound impact on overall well-being. Traditional pain management techniques often come with their own set of challenges, dependency, side effects, and temporary relief, leading to a never-ending cycle of pain. This cycle not only exacerbates feelings of despair and hopelessness but also reinforces a yearning for a more effective and lasting solution.

    Introducing FlexiStim™, a revolutionary Electric EMS Acupuncture device designed to stimulate healthy muscles. This innovative device leverages the principles of transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) to provide a non-invasive solution for effective pain relief associated with sore aching musclesEmbrace a life full of vitality and happiness, free from the clutches of pain, with FlexiStim™.


    REASONS WHY  FlexiStim™ 

    PAIN RELIEF & MUSCLE BOOST: FlexiStim™ uses TENS and EMS technology to reduce pain and boost muscle performance in targeted regions. This relieves chronic pain, promotes energy, and improves well being.

    DIVERSE MASSAGE TECHNIQUES: By mimicking massage techniques, FlexiStim™ eases fatigue in the shoulder, waist, back, neck, arm, and leg, incurred from exercise or daily activities. This innovative approach not only relieves discomfort but also rejuvenates the body, restoring vitality and energy after a long day.

    PORTABLE BODY RELAXATION: With A/B dual channels, 36 modes, 20 intensity levels, and time control, FlexiStim™ offers portable body relaxation. Using it at work, in the vehicle, or while traveling makes it the ultimate body soothing tool and easy to incorporate into daily life.

    RECHARGEABLE USE: A robust rechargeable lithium battery is included in the FlexiStim™ kit, ensuring up to 20 hours of consistent use. Simply connect it to a wall charger, power bank, or laptop USB port to avoid running out of power, saving both money and the environment.

    ECO-FRIENDLY AND ORGANIZED: FlexiStim™ kit contains a dust-proof drawstring bag, reusable cable ties, and 10 self-adhesive conductive electrode pads. This eliminates cable tangle and implements a fast, simple, and eco-friendly tens lead wire management solution.


    HOW TO USE  FlexiStim™

    1. Preparation: Begin by cleansing and drying the skin where the electrodes will be placed. Activate FlexiStim™ by plugging it in and pressing the power button, then select the desired mode and intensity.

    2. Positioning: Affix the self-adhesive conductive reusable electrode pads to the target areas. Ensure direct contact with the skin for optimal results with FlexiStim™.

    3. Treatment: Initiate the massage by pressing the start button on FlexiStim™. Adjust settings as necessary during the session to maximize comfort and effectiveness. The treatment duration depends on individual preferences and needs.

    4. Post-Treatment Care: Turn off FlexiStim™ and carefully remove the electrode pads from the skin. Warm water cleanses the skin, then lay pads on the pad holder. Repeat as needed; follow the user handbook for frequency and duration. This approach ensures the best results, leaving you refreshed and invigorated after each session.

    We understand the struggle of enduring constant pain and muscle tension in a fast-paced world. It’s common to find ourselves longing for relief after a long day of work, or even during it, as we try to juggle multiple responsibilities at once. According to a recent survey, 85% of people feel muscle soreness and discomfort, affecting their everyday lives and well-being.

    With FlexiStim™, it's finally possible to reclaim control over personal well-being and live life on one's terms. This Electric EMS Acupuncture device for Body Therapy reduces pain and improves muscle performance for a healthier body. Experience FlexiStim™'s independence, reduced pain, improved mobility, and confidence to face each day optimistically.

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