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    LadderLoo™: Progressive Potty Training Solution

    “Our daughter was terrified of using the potty even with a portable toddler lid. This gives her the independence to get on the toilet and the security to sit on it without feeling like she's going to fall in. She was so excited to try it out that she was using the potty before I could get the screws in!"

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    Watching little ones grapple with adult toilets is deeply unsettling. The towering height and expansive space become daunting obstacles, causing palpable fears and potential mishaps. This not only complicates routine potty breaks but can also hinder the potty training journey, amplifying parental distress and setbacks.

    Introducing LadderLoo™, the Progressive Potty Training Solution crafted with a stability-enhancing structure. LadderLoo™ not only fosters confidence but also ensures a secure and comfortable experience. Revel in the seamless progress of toilet training, cherishing each triumphant moment together.



    REASONS WHY LadderLoo™


    ✅ SECURE & STABLE DESIGN: LadderLoo™ features a sturdy stainless-steel frame and non-toxic plastic components. This synergy creates a strengthened framework that provides unrivaled safety and confidence with each use.

    ✅ ERGONOMICALLY CRAFTED SEAT: Expertly sculpted from skin-friendly, soft-touch materials, LadderLoo™ seats fit children's anatomy.This contouring ensures a snug fit and a comforting, stress-free potty training session.

    LadderLoo™ features quality rubberized treads on each step. These treads improve traction, making each stride stable and poised even on damp feet, developing self-reliance.

    ✅ ADAPTABLE HEIGHT MECHANISM: To accommodate different toilet heights, LadderLoo™ features a push-lock system that is easy and effective. This feature ensures a perfect alignment every time, simplifying the toilet training journey.

    DUAL GENDER DESIGN: With LadderLoo™, the inclusion of a pee catcher caters to both genders effectively. This thoughtful design ensures cleanliness and hassle-free maintenance, making each bathroom visit a breeze.



    1. Set-Up: Position LadderLoo™ against the toilet. Make sure the steps and seat of LadderLoo™ align perfectly with the toilet for firm placement.

    2. Assist: Guide the child up LadderLoo's ladder, emphasizing the importance of using its handles for steady support during the ascent and descent.

    3. Safety First: As the child uses LadderLoo™, ensure they remain seated securely and utilize the handles when standing or turning.

    4. Clean & Store: After usage, wipe down LadderLoo™ and utilize its foldable design for easy storage. Through consistent use, it will enhance a child's confidence and independence during potty times!


    We understand the apprehension and challenges that arise when introducing a new routine to a child's life. It can be heart-wrenching to see a child hesitate, scared of the vast adult toilet, clinging to diapers because it's familiar. According to a recent study, 40% of children experience anxiety during potty training, which might postpone this crucial developmental step.

    LadderLoo™ emerges as the beacon of hope in potty training challenges. The carefully designed steps and comfortable seat ensure a seamless transition from diapers. Bask in the glow of a child's beaming smile, newfound confidence shining through, every time conquering the "big" toilet with LadderLoo™ by the side!


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