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    TravelTot™: Portable Dining & Play Seat for Little Explorers

    I love this chair. My daughter has been sitting up in it since she was 4 1/2 months old. Very potable nice and easy to carry along. It's very sturdy and my daughter seems comfortable in it. Overall I'm very happy with this product. I would recommend it to anyone."

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -Cecilia Loving
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    Dining out or traveling with little ones often transforms joyful moments into challenging experiences. The strain of ensuring kids are comfortable and safe in unfamiliar settings can often lead to heightened anxiety and stress. This dilemma often results in forsaking cherished family outings, fostering a sense of isolation and missed opportunities for cherished memories.

    Introducing the TravelTot™, the game-changer in portable child seating solutions that promises peace of mind and versatility. It effortlessly attaches to a variety of table types, establishing a secure and comfortable spot for the young explorers to dine or play. Embrace the freedom to create precious family moments anywhere, without compromise, rekindling the joy and ease of dining and bonding on the go.

    REASONS WHY  TravelTot™

    ✅ Safety Ensured: Designed to comfortably and securely accommodate a weight of up to 18kg, the TravelTot™ offers an extra layer of safety during mealtimes. Rest easy with the assurance that children are seated safely, enhancing joyous mealtime experiences.

    ✅ Easy Installation: Enjoy more happy moments at the table with TravelTot™'s simple fixed fastening mechanism, eliminating difficult installations. Relish in the simplicity and efficiency it adds to meal preparations, making dining experiences smoother and more enjoyable.

    ✅ Intelligent Design:
    TravelTot™ has a hidden bottom storage pouch to keep vital items accessible during meals. This feature not only simplifies dining but also adds a touch of innovation to mealtime, enhancing the convenience and pleasure of dining with little ones.

    ✅ Versatile and Portable: Featuring a versatile 42x33x27cm design with a 30cm seat width, TravelTot™ fits most tables with ease. This feature ensures a hassle-free and enjoyable dining experience, fostering more relaxed and cherished family moments wherever you go.

    ✅ Enhanced Stability:
    Crafted with a reinforced skid structure and a widening clip, TravelTot™ promises a stable and secure seating solution on various surfaces. Elevate dining experiences with the stability and security it offers, fostering delightful and worry-free meal times with youngsters.

    How To Use

    1. Quick Setup: Identify a sturdy table, unfold TravelTot™, and extend its securing arms to ensure a stable attachment, prioritizing safety from the first step.

    2. Effortless Securing: Slide TravelTot™ onto the table, ensuring firm clamping and utilize safety straps to confidently establish a secure setup, embracing a worry-free usage every time.

    3. Easy Seating and Accessibility: Place the child in, adjust the straps for secure, comfortable seating, and use the handy storage bag for essentials, guaranteeing smooth, joy-filled moments together.

    4. Simple Post-Use Care: Unfasten straps, remove the child, and fold the TravelTot™, readying it for future adventures, effortlessly embedding convenience and joy into every outing.


    We understand that mealtime with a little one can often resemble a tug of war with bulky high chairs and fleeting attention spans. It can be exasperating trying to secure a squirmy toddler in unfamiliar, unaccommodating seats during outings. In fact, a recent survey reveals that 85% of parents find dining out with young children stressful due to inadequate seating options.

    With TravelTot™, wave goodbye to the hassles and embrace joyful dining experiences with little explorers. This innovative seat not only ensures a safe and snug spot at any table but also integrates a play area to keep tiny hands busy. Step into a world of stress-free outings, where meals are accompanied by smiles, and every dining experience feels like a breeze.


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