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    SoleSoothe™: Ultimate Relaxation for Tired Feet

    We like this foot massager, it works as expected. It helps give relief to tired feet & legs also gives some energy to finish up some extra activities for the day."

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ -  Kristen Pagoada
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    Constant standing, walking, or just the hustle and bustle of daily life can lead to soreness and stiffness in the feet. This pain doesn't just affect physical well-being, but it also dims the enthusiasm and zest to seize the day. A day dominated by foot fatigue feels draining, shadowing every step with a reminder of discomfort.

    Introducing SoleSoothe™ the Electrical Muscle Stimulation that promotes blood circulation and relaxes the feet. Merging Low Frequency EMS Pulse Technology with Smart Acupoint Capture, this device offers a precise, comforting massage. Rediscover the euphoria of rejuvenated feet, ready to dance through life's melodies.

    REASONS WHY EndsAway™

    EMS Pulse Tech: SoleSoothe™ employs the innovative Electrical Muscle Stimulation, targeting foot cells to prevent muscle stiffness. This stellar technology revitalizes the feet by enhancing blood circulation, ensuring a profound sense of relaxation after every use.

    Smart Acupoint Capture: SoleSoothe™ meticulously navigates the intricate web of acupoints, delivering tailored massages that resonate on a personal level. Every session seamlessly transforms into a haven of comfort, enveloping the feet in a luxurious embrace.

    8 Modes & 19 Intensities: From Tapping to Elbow Pressure, SoleSoothe™ boasts a diverse suite of 8 massage modes, accompanied by 19 intensity levels. This range promises a bespoke massage experience, catering to every nuance of foot relaxation.

    Premium Build & Easy Interface: Crafted from premium yoga mat material, SoleSoothe™ ensures resilience and durability while its intuitive control panel guarantees effortless operation. Every touchpoint, from material to interface, radiates quality and sophistication.

    Portability Perfected: Elegantly lightweight and foldable, SoleSoothe™ defines the epitome of portability. Ensuring that supreme foot relaxation accompanies any adventure, regardless of the destination.


     1. Lay out the SoleSoothe™ mat, attach the main host unit, and position SoleSoothe™ on your desired area, ensuring a snug fit.

    2. Turn on SoleSoothe™ by pressing the '+' button, then select your preferred massage mode using the 'M' button.

    3. Adjust SoleSoothe's™ massage intensity with the '+' and '-' buttons, starting with a lower setting and increasing as desired for comfort.

    4. Place both feet firmly on the SoleSoothe™ pad for a foot massage. The device will automatically shut off after 15 minutes for an optimal massage duration. For an earlier conclusion, press and hold the '-' button.


    We understand the weariness that comes after long hours of standing, whether it's from work, exercise, or simply the rigors of daily life. It can be disheartening to deal with that throbbing pain and the longing for a soothing foot massage at the end of the day, a feeling many know all too well. In fact, a research found that almost 75% of people had foot issues at some point in their life, underscoring the need of foot care.

    With SoleSoothe™, the perfect foot rejuvenation experience is just a step away. This high-value foot care solution doesn't just offer a massage; it delivers a precise blend of acupoint targeting and muscle stimulation to rejuvenate tired muscles. Dive into a world where every step taken is infused with relaxation, and let every walk radiate the comfort and joy that SoleSoothe™ promises.

    Product Specifications

    Length: 20 in
    Width: 10 in
    Height: 2 in

    Package Contents

    (1) x SoleSoothe™ Massage Mat
    (1) x User Guide
    (1) x USB Charging Cable
    (1) x Electrical Node Cable


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